Datefit Meets GrooveRyde: Workout Class Review.

For some, going to a new workout class can bring back those feelings of being "the new kid at school." You're in an unfamiliar place, with new classmates, taking a class with a brand new teacher. But that is the exact opposite of how it felt the first time Datefit visited GrooveRyde.

As soon as I walked into the new Downtown Cleveland studio, I instantly picked up on the welcoming spirit of the staff and classmates. This vibe was created by the founders (Anjua and Zosimo Maximo) a couple from Los Angelas with a whole lot of "Hustle and Heart". Their message is present in their mission & community as well as the walls of the new killer studio! Speaking of the studio--  this one is unlike any other I've come across! With garage doors that open up to Perk Park, hanging teardrop boxing bags, and awesome decor in the "Hustle and Heart" lit spin studio.... it definitely has that big city feel!

The Cleveland Connects event brought together bloggers and brands of all kinds to get an amazing workout and create an opportunity to network with each other. The event consisted of of 3 parts: Beat Box, Cycle, and Buti Yoga - All lasting about 20 minutes each.

1. Beat Box: A combination of boxing and boot camp [taught by Yosimo] definitely gave me a run for my money. With 4 rounds of 30-second exercises, your heart rate is rising and so the energy in the room! The first half of this combo was boxing for 2 rounds followed by 2 more rounds of weights & cardio circuits (which was a perfect mix of strength training and cardio for anyone looking to try).

2. Cycle: At GrooveRyde, they ride to the beat! Not only are the playlists killer, they also incorporate push-ups, dips, crunches, booty taps and weights into their routine. It was little tough at first to get the beat down while mastering push ups but you get the hang of it after a few songs! The bikes, music, and vibe of the Groove Cycle room will definitely keep the Datefit team coming back for more.

3. Buti Yoga- This was something I was unfamiliar with until Anjua brought this practice to Cleveland! Created by Bizzy Gold, "Buti Yoga is a  blend of tribal dance and primal movements, plyometrics, and vinyasa-style yoga." This type of yoga brought a sense of confidence and relaxation which ended the night on a perfect note!

If you have a GrooveRyde near you- Datefit HIGHLY recommends checking them out. For those of you that aren't from the Cleveland area, here is your sign to get out there and try something new!

"If you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done."

I'm sure there's a new studio near you that you've been wanting to try, but havent yet mustered up the courage to do it! You could find your new "thing" in the fitness world and who knows... you may meet your knew workout partner ;)

Go check out GrooveRyde here & schedule your first class-- 

We would love to hear about a studio near you, drop in and say hi below!

Steven MacecevicGrooveRyde