Common Fitness & Nutrition Myths Debunked.

Datefit has compiled a list of the most popular fitness myths out there. From fitness to nutrition, we've got them all so that we can finally set the record straight.

1. You can "spot reduce": Many people reach out to a personal trainer or an online fitness coach to "get rid of weight in this area" or "lose the pouch around my stomach." The truth is, we don't get to decide where we lose weight from. Every single body is different, meaning you may lose weight in one area but hold extra fat in another. The only way to lose the unwanted fat in a specific area is to stay consistent and have patience during your weight loss journey!

2. Lifting weights will make you bulky: We've touched on this in previous blogs, but lifting weights will NOT make you bulky! What it will do, is give your whole body definition and allow your clothes to fit you better! By having more muscle, you will also burn more calories at rest compared to only burning calories as you do cardio. Don't be afraid of the weights people, it will change your life!

3. Doing cardio in a hoodie makes you lose more weight: This idea stemmed from high school and college wrestlers that wear sweatpants and hoodies (or garbage bags) in order to make weight for a meet. While this may be effective in their sport, this will only cause you to lose water weight- Which will be gained back as soon as you consume water or food afterward. The long-term weight loss that you are looking for will come from being consistent in the gym and keeping intensity (calorie burning) high during workouts.  

4. You can out-train a bad diet: This is a common idea at the beginning of a fitness journey. I was guilty of this in college when I first started getting serious about training but neglected to take care of my nutrition. I would think "oh I can eat this because I ran 3 miles today." Which is completely contradicting. By thinking this way and excusing poor eating habits with working out, you will see little to no weight loss and will become frustrated with your progress. Having the body that you want comes from 90% nutrition and 10% training, so make BOTH of them count!

5. Eating fat makes you fat: I've heard this time and time again, especially regarding egg yolks vs. egg whites. The common misconception that fats are bad for you (cholesterol), could not be more untrue! Eating healthy fats such as avocados, olive oil, eggs, healthy nut butter, etc- will actually help you stay full longer and aid in many bodily functions! Though we need to practice moderation with these foods because they are higher in calories (9 calories per gram) than carbs and protein). Our bodies NEED a certain amount of healthy fats to function hormonally and optimally!

6. You need to train abs every day: Did you know, that each of you reading this blog post has ABS underneath your clothes right now? The truth is, we all have abdominal muscles, some are just waiting to be revealed under a layer of fat. By doing crunches every day in the gym, you are indeed creating a stronger core. Which is ideal for daily activities and good posture, but the real magic happens in the kitchen! The saying is true "abs are made in the kitchen" so try focusing on what you're putting into your body and trade up that daily ab circuit for another killer workout!

7. Stretching before a workout is good for you: There are many different types of stretching (Static, dynamic, and isometric). However, a common misconception is that static stretching (longer than 30 seconds) is good before a lift, which can actually lead to increased risk of injury. For example, if you perform stretches before you lift for longer than 30 seconds, your body will become conflicted on whether to relax to prepare for strong contractions. The lengthening of the muscles should be performed AFTER the lift rather than before!

Hopefully, list cleared up some questions regarding training and nutrition to achieve the body you've always dreamed of. If you have any additional "Fitness Myths" you'd like to debunk, comment them below!

Steven MacecevicDatefit