What Type of Cardio Is Right For YOU?

Did you know that there are three different types of cardio? It may seem difficult to decide which type is right for your body and your goals. Which is why Datefit is here to clear things up for you!

Type 1 LISS: Stands for low-intensity steady state cardio. LISS is an aerobic exercise that results in fat loss but no metabolic afterburn effect. LISS is categorized by heart rates between 100 and 130 bpm (can be monitored using Fitbit, Apple Watch, heart rate monitor, etc). Examples of low-intensity steady state cardio: walking or biking for 30 minutes. Who would benefit from this type of cardio? Strength or powerlifting athletes, individuals that need to create a caloric deficit, those who work sedentary (sitting) jobs, older population, overweight individuals, those that benefit from cardio for stress reasons.

Type 2 MISS: Stands for Moderate Intensity Steady State and includes any physical activity that produces a heart rate ranging from 140- 160 BPM. Examples of MISS include jogging, elliptical, or stair master. Moderate intensity cardio is the most popular form of cardio and burns significantly more calories than the previous form. MISS cardio can benefit individuals looking to boost endurance or endorphins, competitive athletes, endurance athletes, and individuals that want to reduce stress.

Type 3 HIIT:  The only anaerobic form (forms lactic acid= what makes you sore) of cardio is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Interval training means that you perform short bouts of INTENSE exercise for 5-30 seconds (90% HR max) followed by rest until your HR recovers. Benefits of HIIT include an increased metabolic rate for 24-48 hours, increase in muscle size, increased strength, increase power, and much more! Examples of high-intensity intervals include sprinting, battle ropes, bike sprints, etc. This type of cardio can benefit all sports athletes, individuals looking for fat loss, those interested in changing body composition and training at a new level of intensity.

Hopefully, this helps clear things up for you in the cardio department! You do not have to pick ONE type of cardio and stick with it, you can alternate between the 3 types (LISS, MISS, and HIIT) to keep your body guessing. Its imporant to note that you should NOT be doing HIIT cardio every day, your body needs time to recover between session. If you have any questions regarding cardio, feel free to comment below!