Dating in 2018 by Lauren Nanni

Dating, freaking hard right? I guess it’s hard until you find the right person, but getting there can feel like the world’s greatest challenge. We’re all different–different needs, wants, thoughts, perspectives and so on, all of which impact how well we mesh with other peeps. It can feel like a lot and even more so if we don’t even know what we want and or offer! Speaking from my own experience, learning more about myself allowed me to have a better sense of the relationship I was looking for along with my own strengths, weaknesses, musts, and no thanks. It’s a constant learning process but definitely worth the journey.

What I think has become one of the most difficult parts about dating is actually just meeting someone. I used to go out in loud crowded bars where I could barely hear the bartender confirm my vodka soda more or less the person next to me to see if he wanted to travel the world and liked cute fluffy dogs?! Like hello impossible, nice to meet you, but it just seemed like the move at the time. Now I suggest going to places of interest and seeing who’s there. Yano, happy hours, bars with an octave of 5 instead of 10, the gym, workout classes, church, coffee shops etc. Although I believe this to be a decent plan of attack, I do realize it doesn’t exactly work for all personality types. Hi shy bear, I’ve got you. It’s no secret that our day and age is all in on the social world and with so many apps it’s hard to not question that maybe online dating would be a solid option. My interests fall within the realm of fitness and self help and so I find it to be a moral responsibility to fill y’all in on somethin’.

A local Cleveland company, Datefit, is launched an app that allows individuals the ability to find inspiration and motivation within like minded humans while finding that romantic relationship.

“We’re a community of all shapes and sizes, ethnicities, genders and philosophies. The only requirement for Datefit is that you place a healthy-way-of-life as a top priority, no matter how far along you are in your journey.” -Datefit

Basically, a perfect community if you’re even remotely interested in health, fitness, and or mindset to help you find a partner that leads a similar lifestyle and shares your beliefs. As someone who has spent a fair share of time in the fitness world, I think this is a perfect platform for connecting w/ others while being respectful of their time in the gym and not have to worry about interrupting workouts. Even if you already have a partner, joining the community still allows you to connect with like minded individuals that are motivating, inspiring that are sharing their knowledge and experience!

They offer an application based ambassadorship program that does a number of things and these are just to name a few: allows for cross promotion between you and Datefit, allows you to earn rewards for completing challenges that transfer into amazing gift cards, and opens the door to private events to network and collaborate! They use the slogan–more than a match… a lifestyle. Living a fit lifestyle really does require someone who understands the routine, like for real. Early mornings, multiple gym trips a week, making healthy choices even when we’d rather be eating pizza and fries, yano–the not so sexy parts of becoming your best self. It’s slightly relieving to know the people on this platform already understand the #grind, AMIRGHT?

Except, in the word’s of Tony Robbin’s, I am in fact, not your guru so find out for ourself–explore their page, download the app, connect with peeps and form your own opinion. Either way, there’s essentially nothing to lose but so much to gain. If it’s a community you’re looking for, a life partner, or both, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and give something new a try. Letting go of the safety net will allow you to create the life you’ve always wanted, because ironically enough, that life always seems to be living on the other side of fear.

I gotchu fit fam, till next time!