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Dating in 2018 by Lauren Nanni

Dating, freaking hard right? I guess it’s hard until you find the right person, but getting there can feel like the world’s greatest challenge. We’re all different–different needs, wants, thoughts, perspectives and so on, all of which impact how well we mesh with other peeps. It can feel like a lot and even more so if we don’t even know what we want and or offer! Speaking from my own experience, learning more about myself allowed me to have a better sense of the relationship I was looking for along with my own strengths, weaknesses, musts, and no thanks. It’s a constant learning process but definitely worth the journey.

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How to Start Your Fitness Journey With 5 Easy Steps.

The toughest part about starting your fitness journey is... to simply BEGIN! We all start somewhere, but that should not keep you from reaching your goals. Datefit wants to help you become the best version of yourself, so this week we're giving you 5 easy tips to conquer your fitness goals this month.

One of the top reasons people shy away from the gym is the intimidation from the gym regulars, which we call this "gymtimidation." This could come from the hulk in the squat rack grunting to the entire weight room or the fit chick taking workout selfies in the mirror. While these people may be "regulars" at the gym, they were once first-timers too!

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New Year, New You? - Datefit's Tips for Setting Resolutions in 2018.

The new year is the perfect time to turn start fresh - with 365 chances to work towards your New Years resolutions. While most resolutions tend to fall off after the first few months, Datefit wants to help you set goals that you can keep crushing all the way through 2018!

To become the best version of yourself in the New Year, you have to set goals that are S.M.A.R.T.

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