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By using Datefit, the fresh and inspiring face of mobile dating, singles can find inspiration and like-minded individuals who are looking to improve themselves while endeavoring to find love.

We’re a community of all shapes and sizes, ethnicities, genders and philosophies. The only requirement for Datefit is that you place a healthy-way-of-life as a top priority, no matter how far along you are in your journey.





A healthy lifestyle dating app. Finally.

Say yes to new adventures — find your fit on Datefit.





The Daily Workout— 

Right to like. Left to pass.

Finding your perfect fit starts with a swipe of the finger. Like who you see? Swipe to the right. Or, simply swipe left to pass and move on to your next potential match. Really like the person? Swipe up to WOW them and let the person know you would like to get a conversation started.





When two people "like" each other, it's a fit!

And don't worry, only people you match with can message you.



Get started! Your perfect fit is waiting...