Gym rules

Please follow the Datefit community guidelines outlined below



— Photo Content —

You can access your photos through your mobile library or add new ones right through your Datefit account! Please remember to keep it clean and classy. Datefit will not permit any nude or inappropriate/sexual, violent, or grotesque photos, graphics, or imagery of any sort. This is grounds for permanent and immediate removal of your account from the Datefit App.  

The Datefit Community encourages you to post current and active photos of your journey! Go ahead and brag about it, just make sure your workout clothes are on!



— Messaging Content —

Just like photos, Datefit will not permit any inappropriate/sexual, hateful, violent, or grotesque comments, suggestions, or harassment of any sort. Locker room talk is not permitted on Datefit.



— Safety —

Personal health and safety are one of our top priorities here at Datefit. Remember to meet your date at a public place (ie. a gym) and always let a friend or family member know what your plans are. We do our best to match you with your perfect Fit, but we have limited control as to what occurs outside of our app. Please remember to keep it safe and always have a spotter! 



— Private Information — 

We have taken the time to design the best and most intelligent matching system there is. Datefit respects your privacy and that is why you should never share your personal information, such as your phone number or email, with any member of the Datefit Community that you aren’t comfortable with. Keep your personal info nice and tight!

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— No Adolescents Allowed —

This works in two ways:

1.  You must be 18 years of age to join the Datefit Community. This is why Datefit asks for your birthday at profile creation. We will only use your date of birth for verification that you and every other user are 18 years of age or older.  

2.  No children are permitted to appear in your photos alone or unclothed. The Datefit Community respects every member and we expect our users to do the same. 



— No Unsafe S.E.T.S. —

S - Spamming: sending the same message to multiple users. Your Daily Workout matches are designed so both parties have to swipe right in order to open up a chat. This was designed in order to eliminate unwanted messages from occurring. We won’t spam you so please don’t spam our users. Be original and engaging! 

E - Excessive contact or stalking on Datefit is not permitted. At Datefit a user can block another user from seeing his/her profile. Let’s put excessiveness into your workout routine instead!  

T - Teasing/bullying/hate: Making fun of, poking at, using force in any way, or criticizing a Datefit Community member in any negative manner is strictly prohibited. The Datefit Community prides itself on being positive, like-minded individuals that come in all shapes and sizes.  

S - Scamming: any deceitful or tricky misrepresentation of one’s self is not allowed on Datefit. Remember some of us are at the beginning of our journey and some are finishing theirs. Let’s leave the cat fishing to the fishermen.